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PO Box 1428
Maroubra 2035

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From the 22nd November 2017 all Learner drivers must complete a Hazard Perception test at a Service NSW office before being able to sit a driving test.

 From the 19th December 2009, one hour of structured driving tuition by a professional replica watches driving instructor will count for three hours in the learner driver logbook.

  • These changes to the NSW Graduated Licensing Scheme for novice drivers will be capped at a maximum of 10 one-hour lessons counting as 30 logbook hours.
  • This means learner drivers will still need to complete 120 hours of driving in total, but 30 hours will be recorded in the driver’s log book for 10 hours of professional driving instruction.
  •  Also from the 19th December 2009, learners who are 25 years old or over will no longer be required to complete a log book.

From the 28th September 2009:-

  • Learner licence holders were included in the demerit points scheme to help reduce young driver deaths on our roads. The allocation of demerit points for certain traffic offences is designed to encourage safe and responsible driving.
  • Under the scheme, a learner licence will be suspended, or a licence application or renewal refused, for a period of three months, if four (4) or more demerit points are incurred within a three-year period.
  • The minimum number of demerit points for a speeding offence committed by a learner is four (4). This means that a learner licence will be suspended, or an application for a learner licence refused, under the demerit point scheme, for three months for any speeding offence.
  • You can also lose your licence for higher levels of speeding.  An additional three-month suspension applies for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 km/h and a six-month suspension applies for speeding more than 45 km/h replicas de relojes.
  • Police can also suspend and confiscate your licence at the roadside for speeding more than 30 km/h over the limit, or if you drive without a supervisor.


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